Practice Milestones


  • 12/31/18 – Recognized as the number one enrolling site for the DREAM-HF study.
  • 10/3/17 – First patient treated in the CONTROL HTN-2 study using the new innovative ROX Coupler Device.
  • 11/17/15 – First patient treated in Alabama for the CALM-First in Human protocol, baroreceptor modulation using the MobiusHD for subjects with resistant hypertension.
  • 4/7/15 – First patient treated in Alabama for the REINFORCE: REDUCE-HTN study, renal denervation using the Vessix Reduce™ Catheter and Vessix™ Generator for the treatment of hypertension.
  • 4/17/12 – First in human delivery of JVS-100 in the world, administered by direct intramuscular injection to adults with critical limb ischemia.
  • 12/7/2011 – First patient enrolled in the HTN-3 renal denervation study in Alabama for patients with resistant hypertension.
  • 3/23/10 – First in human endomyocardial injection, worldwide, of the angiogenic agent ACRX-100 with a percutaneous catheter.
  • 2/7/08 – First patient treated in Alabama via percutaneous intramyocardial stem cell transplant to the heart.
  • 1/24/08 – First patient treated in Alabama via implantation of stem cells for peripheral artery disease.
  • 11/23/04 – First intramyocardial delivery of hepatocyte growth factor with percutaneous catheter in the world (CORAUTUS).
  • 11/10/04 – First patient treated in Alabama via intramyocardial delivery of angiogenic agent with percutaneous catheter.
  • 4/29/03 – First administration of hepatocyte growth factor for peripheral artery disease in the United States.
  • 6/15/02 – First published therapeutic angiogenesis trial with positive results proving concept (TRAFFIC).
  • 8/15/01 – First gene therapy trial for peripheral artery disease performed in Alabama (RAVE).
  • 9/22/99 – First therapeutic angiogenesis trial performed in Alabama (TRAFFIC).
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